Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sysbio postdoc fellowship: spatio-temporal control of cell-cycle regulation

Funding is available for a 3 year postdoctoral fellowship to study spatio-temporal control in cell-cycle regulation. This is a join project between our group at the EMBL-EBI and the Quantitative Cell Biology group headed by Silvia Santos at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre in London. More information about the groups interests can be found in the respective webpages.

The main objective of this project will be to study how the spatial and temporal control of key cell-cycle proteins change in different biological contexts. Examples of these different contexts include different differentiation states and/or different species.

We are looking for candidates that are interested in doing both experimental and computational work and previous experience in  cell biology, microscopy, programming, image analysis and/or modelling of dynamical systems are all considered an asset. We will consider candidates that have a stronger expertise on either experimental or computational methods but are interested in learning and using both approaches. Additional information and application link is here with a closing date of 24 November 2013. We are available for further clarification in regards to suitability of background or information about the projects.