Thursday, June 12, 2008


(caution, fiction ahead)

I wake up in the middle of the night startled by some noise. Pulse racing I try to focus my attention outwards. Something breaking, glass shattering? Is someone out there ? I reach out with my senses but an awkward feeling nags at me, bubbling up to my consciousness. I try hard to focus, it is coming from outside the room , someone is inside my house. I close my eyes but vertigo takes over and weightlessness empowers me. I am in the living room cleaning the floor, picking up a broken glass. The nagging feeling finally assaults me fully. I am moving but I am not in control. Panic rises quickly as I watch helpless the simple and quiet actions of someone else. I stop picking up glass and I feel curious, only it is not exactly me, the feeling is there besides me.
- Hi, who are you ?
The voice catches me by surprise and my fear goes beyond rational control. All I can think of is to escape. to go away from here. For a second time I find myself floating as if searching for a way out. When I open my eyes again I am by the beach and I breath a sigh of relief. The constant sound of the waves calms me down for a few seconds until my eyes start drifting to the side. No, stay there I am in control! I look into the eyes of a total stranger that smiles back at me in recognition. Two voices ask me if I am enjoying the view and I can only scream back in confusion.

I wake up in the middle of the night startled by some noise. I immediately flex my hands in front of my eyes to make sure it was nothing but a nightmare trying hard to calm down. What a dream. I get up and check on the noise coming from the living room realizing that it was just the storm outside. Feeling better I fire up my laptop and grab a glass of water from the kitchen. I open twitter and type away:
- I had the strangest dream !(cursor blinking) Our senses were all connected(enter)
I get up to open the window drinking another sip of water. After a couple of steps I feel a jabbing headache forcing me to stop and bright spots of light blur my vision. I close my eyes in pain and the voices of some unseen crowd thunder in my ears:
- I had the same dream - the all say in unison
The sound of glass shattering on the floor in the last thing I remember before collapsing.

I wake up in the middle of the night startled by some noise (...)

(Twistori was the main motivation for this post)

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