Friday, February 08, 2008

Late Links: Bio::Blogs#18 + new blog

I have been away from the web for the last few weeks as I moved to San Francisco to start my first postdoc. I will be working at UCSF in the Lim Lab and the Krogan lab on the evolution of signaling in yeasts. I'll try to blog more about it later during the year. I am looking forward to getting to know the bay area and hopefully make the most of the great (and apparently relaxed) science & technology environment.

Early this month Michael Barton edited another great edition of Bio::Blogs mostly dedicated to open science. He also put together an essay on the subject that is worth reading and commenting on. The next edition of Bio::Blogs will probably come back here to Public Rambling on the 1st of March (unless there is another volunteer).

Also in these last few weeks Lars Juhl Jensen started blogging at Buried Treasure. I met Lars at EMBL while I was doing my PhD and he always had time to help me out when I had some work related question. Like prolific researchers in computational biology I ever met.