Monday, November 19, 2007

Linking Out - Open Science and a new blog

Cameron Neylon posted a request for collaboration in his blog:
...we are using the S. aureus Sortase enzyme to attach a range of molecules to proteins. We have found that this provides a clean, easy, and most importantly general method for attaching things to proteins.
We are confident that it is possible to get reasonable yields of these conjugates and that the method is robust and easy to apply. This is an exciting result with some potentially exciting applications. However to publish we need to generate some data on applications of these conjugates.

They are looking for collaborators interested in applying this method. Go check the blog posts if you are interested or know someone that works on something similar.

(via Open Access News) Liz Lyon, Associate Director of UK Digital Curation Centre posted an interesting presentation on Open Science: "Open Science and the Research Library: Roles, Challenges and Opportunities?".

(via Fungal Genomes) I found a new blog related to evolution called Thirst for Science with a lot of insightful posts.