Monday, November 12, 2007

4th year blog anniversary

It is hard to believe that is has been 4 years that I started blogging here. Not that I am a very prolific blogger with only 328 blog posts in this time. These are not very evenly distributed with more than 200 blog posts in the last two years. The style of blog posts also changed a lot from a link blog with a few sentences to longer more opinionated posts.

Having a glance a the blog posts it is easy to find some very weird ones :)
Your Identity Aura (2005)
Our Collective Mind (2005)
The Human Puppet (2005)
Social Network Dynamics in a Conference Setting (2006)
The Fortune Cookie Genome (2007)

There a lot of serious ones too but I will leave that list to some other time.

Thanks to Nodalpoint and the Nodalpoint regulars (Greg, Neil, Alf and Chris) for introducing me to blogging some 6 years ago and to everyone else that joined in along the way with their blogs and/or comments. It sure makes blogging more enjoyable.

(Image Credit: Picture taken by mattnjuzz and published under CC by-nc-sa. Originally taken from Flick)