Thursday, October 11, 2007


A new science related service called JournalFire has started. It was apparently created by a group of graduate students that are "frustrated with the current system of scientific discourse and publication". According to the initial blog post this service "provides a centralized location for you to share, discuss, and evaluate published journal articles. You, the scientists, are put in charge of determining what studies are significant and noteworthy."

I did not have a chance to test it since it is in private beta but I have asked for an account. It looks like anyone with an .edu account should be able to access it already. It sounds promising but has many of these services a lot depends on the capacity to attract a sufficiently large group of people to sustain interesting discussions. I will update the post if I get an account to test the service.
(I wonder if the people from OpenWetWare have anything to do with this)