Wednesday, August 29, 2007 background info

A while ago SciVee was announced via several blog posts. Here is a link to the first one I read by Deepak and a link to the cluster in Postgenomic.

I thought at first glance that this was a partnership between some small start-up and a content provider (PLoS). After browsing a couple of the videos I noticed that most are from papers authored by Philip E. Bourne. Given the connections to both PLoS and SDSC (two of the site's partners) I thought that this might be an academic effort after all.
A couple of searches tells us that abailey was responsible for a Scivee mailing list at SDCS that no longer exists. abailey apparently stands for Apryl Bailey, someone involved in the SDSC CI Channel, a "webcast video service and resource for the scientific communities" (from their about page).

Apryl Bailey also appears listed in the Scivee Team in one of the slides of a talk (PDF) that Philip Bourne gave in June this year. According to this recent news story it looks like the launch was actually premature and triggered by this talk:
"According to one founder, Philip Bourne of the University of California–San Diego (UCSD) and founding editor in chief of PLoS Computational Biology, he talked about the project at a scientific meeting and the buzz began prematurely."

It is an academic effort, probably related to this CI Channel mentioned above:
"The project began with some pilot pubcasts done at UCSD to test video formats and has involved the other PLoS editors. There are currently eight people on the SciVee team. The SDSC is providing the site hosting."

From one of the slides of the talk:
Developmental Phases
• Phase I (One Year) – Invite authors of papers published in PLoS journals to upload a video or podcast to describing the motivation, key results and major conclusions of the published study. Establish linkage between literature and video – source of metadata etc. – September 2007

• Phase II (Years 2- 3) - Scrape PubMed on a daily basis and extend the invitation to authors of all papers in the life sciences; develop video authoring server; provide
ratings and virtual community comment

• Phase III (Year 4- ) - Extend to other scientific disciplines