Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Call for Bio::Blogs #12

I am collecting submissions for the 12th edition of Bio::Blogs. Send in links to blog posts you want to share from your blog or that you enjoyed reading in other blogs to bioblogs at gmail until the end of the month. The next edition will be up at Nodalpoint on the 1st of Jully.

Maybe it could be cool to try out a section on papers of the month as voted by everyone (Neil used to do this once in a while). Anyone interested in participating just has to send a link to a paper, published last month and related to bioinformatics, with a short paragraph explaining what is nice about the paper.

Mike over at Bioinformatics Zen is asking how to continue the Tips and Tricks section of Bio::Blogs. He has put up a wiki page on open science in Nodalpoint to collect information for a possible future edition of the special section.