Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OpenWetWare is hiring

(Via the SynBio discuss list) The open science community OpenWetWare is looking for people to take full time responsibilities in the development of OWW. They are looking for:

- Senior technology developer
Define and carryout lead software development and technology integration in support of OpenWetWare. Cultivate and respond to community input. Leverage internal volunteer development resources and establish productive relationship with external open source projects. Oversee outsourced server operations. Help lead development of our long term technology development strategy."

- Senior knowledge developer
"Lead improvements to the OWW community and knowledge structure. Develop and implement knowledge management resources that improve the sharing of information via OWW. Lead conversations with OWW users and Technology Developers to ensure continuing relevance of ongoing knowledge management improvements. Help lead development of our long term community and knowledge development strategy."

The growth of OWW shows that open science is not a totally naive concept and that people are willing to collaborate with others openly online.

More details on the job posting