Friday, February 23, 2007

Traveling around (Boston, San Francisco)

I have been traveling during the past week. I have been in Boston and I am now in San Francisco (labs: Marc Vidal, Wendel Lim, Adam Arkin).It would be interesting to be able to talk about some of the nice projects I have heard about but I guess it is really not up to me to make this public. Some of it is on their webpages. That leaves very little to say about the trip in respect to science. So instead, here is a picture I took in San Francisco :)

I am looking for a place to start a postdoc after the summer time. Even if I don't move to the states it is very unlikely that I will stay in Germany. This will be my 3rd country and 7th city. It is funny that so many of the grants that are currently available in Europe for postdocs are incentives to increase mobility. Isn't it time to also create some incentives to settling down ? I am 28 and this will be my first postdoc but eventually I will get tired of moving around. I hope by then it will be easier to stay.