Saturday, January 06, 2007

Science Blogging Anthology

Coturnix from a Blog Around the Clock is organizing a science blogging anthology. I missed it during the Christmas holidays but the results are due in a couple of days. Here is the list of posts that got nominated and are now being evaluated. One of my posts made the nomination list :) cool.

Last month Roland Krause said that this type of vanity posts (like blog carnivals) are similar to spam blogs. I actually think that there is value in carnivals and other equivalent content promotion activities. They create a cheap reward system that motivates people to produce more and better content. They also provide with a layer of quality rating even if, in the case of carnivals, the posts that are submitted are self contributed. Bloggers tend to submit their best content to the carnivals.

On a related note but with a very different opinion, here is a rant on Web 2.0 And Narcissism (via Rough Type):
"What he's getting at is that this whole Web 2.0, social networking, virtual community business is essentially a pornography of the self—a projected, fictionalized self that is then worshipped by the slightly less-perfect self."