Friday, December 22, 2006

PLoS One is up and running

I will add this blog's "voice" to the many that have already announced the start of PLoS One. This journal is a very much needed experiment in science communication online. It is being built from scratch to take advantage of the internet as the medium unlike many other journals. As Deepak mentioned in his blog, the success of One will depend mostly on us, the users, in our interest to participate with our own insight. The PLoS One team will have to worry about creating interesting reward systems around the journal to help boost participation.

I have only played around on the site for a short while but there are a couple of features that I hope that will implement in the short term.
- One that I was hoping to find at start was some form of gateways or portals for areas. The only subject navigation available seams to be the links on the right side.
- I also did not find any kind of rating system. To boost participation I think people have to start trying out simple participation systems and rating is the easiest one.
- I guess it would also be nice to have some kind of track back system or some other way to let comments come in from blog post. This would be nice for bloggers but i have to admit that few people would care :) .

There were two papers (from the same group) that caught my attention but I did not have time to read them:
Control of Canalization and Evolvability by Hsp90
Modularity and Intrinsic Evolvability of Hsp90-Buffered Change