Monday, November 20, 2006

Chris Surridge explains PLoS ONE

As part of the OpenWetWare's Seminar Series on Open Science, here is Chris Surridge explaining PLoS ONE. Some random things I remember:
- No-one reads full table of contents anymore so why not create a journal with broad scope ? (I do read full table of contents of many journals, it's the first thing I do in the morning)
- They are aiming at a very high volume (hundreds of manuscripts)
- The journal will probably have portals for subject areas
- Anyone is free to reuse the open access content, so anyone could in theory be an editor by reusing open access content and focusing it for a particular target audience.
- They might also pool in papers from other open access journals
- There will be probably a karma system to rate the contributions
- The system of having different versions of the same manuscript will not be on the first version of the journal.
- The journal might be up on the 29th of this month (not sure yet)
- Chris Surridge moves around too much :)