Monday, September 11, 2006

Postgenomic Upgrade

I don't remember reading any announcement but I guess Stew upgraded Postgenomic. It's full of extra information that will give anyone a chance to procrastinate for some time. Did you ever wonder what is the Gunning-Fog Index of your blog ? Your incoming bloglove ? (whatever that means) Your most popular blog post ? Go have a look at PG.

He also added a section on original research that I guess is still experimental. My two posts on the correlation between protein age and protein interactions are there but I guess he had to mark them by hand.

On a related note, Stew released a greasemonkey script to add links to postgenomic from connotea. I would love to see journals starting to link directly to postgenomic without us having to use greasemonkey scripts. This would give bloggers an extra little incentive to write some comments on papers and for the journals it's free content and extra attention on their sites.

Now .. back to my thesis ...