Friday, September 15, 2006

Comparative Interactomics on the rise (II)

Two papers on interaction network alignment caught my attention recently. Both of them are supposably more efficient ways of doing network comparison than the previously published PathBlast from the Ideker lab.

The first one called Græmlin was published in Genome Research and the second one developed by Mehmet Koyuturk is called Mule(PDF) and is in press in the Journal of Computational Biology.

More on the buzz department, the MIT technology reviews elected comparative interactomics one of 10 “emerging technologies” of the year. Highlighting Ideker and Palsson as two of the people pushing the idea forward.

That's it, I figure the meme gained enough traction to "spread" in the wild and we can expect several variations on the algorithms to surely continue to flow along with even more interaction networks.
Psi-Network-Blast anyone ?