Monday, June 19, 2006

Mendel's Garden and Science Online Seminars

For those interested in evolution and genetics this is a good day. The first issue of Mendel's Garden is out with lots of interesting links. I particularly liked RPM's post on evolution of regulatory regions. I still think that evo-devo should focus a bit more on changes in protein interaction networks but more about that one of these days (hopefully :).

On a related note, Science started a series of online seminars with a primer on "Examining Natural Selection in Humans". This is a flash presentation with voice overs from the authors of a recent Science review on the same subject. I like this idea much more than the podcasts. I am not a big fan of podcasts because it is much faster to scan a text than it is to hear someone read it for you. At least with images there is more information and more appeal to spend some minutes listening to a presentation. The only thing I have against this Science Online Seminars initiative is that there is no RSS feed (I hope it is just a matter of time).