Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The EMBL Centre for Computational Biology has announced a series of talks related to novel concepts and easy-to-use web tools for biologists. So far there are three schedule talks:

Session 1 - Using new web concepts for more efficient research - an introduction for the less-techy crowd
Time/place: Tue, May 16th, 2006; 14:30; Small Operon

This one I think will introduce the concepts around what is called web2.0 and the potential impact these might have for researchers. I am really curious to see how big will the "less-techy crowd" really be :).

The following sessions are a bit more specific dealing with particular problems we might have in our activities and how can some of the recent web technologies help us deal with them.

Session 2 - Information overflow? Stay tuned with a click (May 23rd, 2006; 14:30;)
Session 3 - Tags: simply organize and share links and references with keywords (May 30th, 2006; 14:30)
Session 4 - Stop emailing huge files: How to jointly edit manuscripts and share data (June 6th, 2006; 14:30;)
All in the Small Operon, here in the EMBL Heidelberg

I commend the efforts of the EMBL CCB and I hope that a lot of people turn up. Let's see if the open collaborative ideas come up on the discussions. If you are in the neighborhood and are interested, come on by and help with the discussion (map).

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