Saturday, May 20, 2006

The internet and the study of human intelligence

I started reading a book on machine learning methods last night and my mind floated away to thinking about the internet and artificial intelligence (yes the book is a bit boring :).
Anyway, one thing that I thought about was how the internet might become (or is already) a very good place to study (human) intelligence. Some people are very transparent on the net and if anything the trend is for people to start sharing their lives or at least their view of the world earlier. So it is possible to get an idea of what someone is exposed to, what people read, films they see, some of their life experiences, etc. In some sense you can access someone's input in life.
On the other hand you can also read this person's opinions when presented with some content. Person X with known past experiences Y was exposed to Z and reacted in this way. With this information we could probably learn a lot about human thought processes.