Friday, May 26, 2006

The Human Puppet (2)

In November I rambled about a possible sci-fi scenario. It was about a human person giving away their will to be directed by the masses in the internet. A vessel for the "collective intelligence". A voluntary and extreme reality show.

Well, there goes the sci-fi, you can participate in it in about 19 days. Via TechCrunch I found this site:

Kieran Vogel will make Internet television history when he becomes the first person to give total control of his life to the Internet.
Through an interactive media platform Kieran will live by the decisions the internet decides such as:

# What time he wakes up
# What he wears
# What he eats
# Who he dates
# What he watches

I get a visceral negative response to this. Although this is just a reality show and it is all going to happen inside a house I think it will be important to keep this in mind. In the future technology will make web even more pervasive then today and there are scenarios along the lines of this human puppet idea that could have negative consequences.
I guess what I am thinking is that the same technologies that helps us to collaborate can also be use to control (sounds a bit obvious). In the end the only difference is on how much do the people involved want to (or can) exercise their will power.