Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Conference blogging and SB2.0

In case you missed the Synthetic Biology 2.0 meeting and want a quick summary of what happened there you can take a look at some blogs. There were at least 4 bloggers at the conference. Oliver Morton (chief news and features editor of Nature) has a series of posts in his old blog. Rob Carlson described how he and Drew Endy were calling the field intentional biology. Alex Mallet from Drew Endy's lab has a quick summary of the meeting and finally Mackenzie has in his cis-action by far the best coverage with lots more to read.

I hope they put up on the site the recorded talks since I missed a lot of interesting things during the live webcast.

In the third day of the meeting (that was not available in the live webcast) there was a discussion about possible self-regulation in the field (as in the 1975 Asilomar meeting). According to an article in NewScientist the attending researchers decided against self-regulation measures.