Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking back two years ago - M$ vs GOOG

I was reading a story today about the keynote lecture by Bill Gates on the Mix'06 conference and I remembered posting something on the blog when I first saw a story about Microsoft moving into the search market. This is one of the funny things about having the blog is that I can go back to what I was reading and thinking back some time in the past. So from the previous post I guess Microsoft started reacting to the rise of Google more than two years ago. Retrospectively it was really hard to predict the impact of web2.0 and free software/add model. Judging by Gates' speech , only now is Microsoft really completed turned into this direction so I guess it takes some time to turn such a big boat. They managed before (see browser wars) to turn the company into the internet era and maintain dominance, let's see how they keep up this time with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.

Looking back on some of the post of that time I realize how I changed my blogging habits. In the beginning I used the blog more like a link repository with short comments while currently I tend to blog more about my opinion on a topic. I'll check again in some years from now if I don't quit in the meantime :).