Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Talk

There is a big buzz going around the web that tomorrow Google is going to release a IM service called Google Talk. The interesting thing is actually seeing the news going around the internet and geeks trying to connect to the service before it is available to the public. The image that came to mind was of a fire or a virus spreading fast. When they tried to get email users to switch they offered 1G of space, what are they going to offer tomorrow to make users switch to their IM ?

Update: Some beta version available here
Update 2: So there is nothing very special about it. The client is very simple and clean. The only interesting thing about this is not the client is the intention of making IM networks independent of the clients what makes a lot more sense for the users but I don't see yahoo and MSN messengers easily changing to a system like this and without them this is going to be very difficult.